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Chemicals (Organic & Inorganic)

We are offer chemicals (organic and inorganic) that are used in processing and formulation of other chemicals and products. In general, organic chemicals always have carbon-hydrogen bonds and rest ones are classified as inorganic compounds. In fact, there is a set of properties that define the categorization of organic and inorganic compounds. Most of the Organic Chemicals are gases, liquid and solids, wherein they have biological nature. On the other hand, most of inorganic chemicals are solids and are mineral in nature.

Key Points

  • Air proof and moisture proof storage is assured
  • Used in petroleum, paper-making, textile, metallurgical and other fields
  • Economical to use as in most cases, lower dosage provides the required results
  • Good effectiveness at lower levels
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide
We offer zinc oxide, ZnO that is a chemical compound.This product is soluble in different acids as well as alkalis.
Organic Inorganic Chemical
Organic Inorganic Chemical
We supply and distribute wide ranges of organic and inorganic chemicals. Types of chemicals we offer include.Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Sulphide, Zinc Chloride Etc.